Ready for your Musical Instrument Close-Up? 


    " Where Music IS NOT a Spectator Sport "    



  Instructional Course Offerings  


 BEGINNERS'  "Community Music"  BAND 

 "Essential Elements - A MUSIC PRIMER FOUNDATION"  

Combines Entry Level Primer for "Return to Music" Enthusiasts

- + - 

Entry Level program for "New Beginners" 

(& members undecided on "Instrument of Choice" selection?)


We can help? with ...


  "Rhythmic Élements [CAMP Fun]" 


"Rhythmically Focused sessions designed  to combine New Instrumentalists

with Prospective Percussionists --

Blow, Shake, Scrape, Strike -- with added interest in a variety of  Études Styles 

selected to bring out the rhythm in everyone."






















 Community Music 

 Band Camp" 

 Minimum of Recent 2 Years Playing Experience Required 

 EXPLORING  Significant Music ®™  



Practice Times:  Tuesday Evenings    7 pm - 9 pm


Pickering Location  


ViVA Retirement Community (Pickering)  

1880 Glengrove Road, 

Pickering, ON













   To Register for your "Sharing Significant Music®™ | New Horizons Band" Program   


contact : Ennio A. Paola  



 Artists Supporting Artists 

 via "Age Friendly" Community Programs 

 in the Collaborative Arts 



  CONDUCT US"Rise To Challenge"   

    • /w Leadership Skills Programs & Opportunities • 




















"Significant Music®™ | New Horizons Band” 

 "Rise To Challenge": Select Leadership / Associates' Select Programs 



  - PART A  - "Select Leadership" Program  


This special opportunity is intended for Registered New Horizons Band Members to gain valuable leadership

experience as "Section Leaders".


Participating in this program opportunity is by invitation, or, audition / interview with the Conductor. 


Selection is based on level of development and maturity.


If accepted into this program, "Section Leaders" will be invited to participate in appropriate workshop opportunities

led by the Conductor.


"Section Leaders" may also be called upon to provide dedicated teaching assignments with beginning students

as part of their skills training.



               Current "Significant Music®™ | New Horizons Band" Section Leader:  Position Available























  PART B  - "Associates' Select Program"    


Qualified  Registered New Horizons Band "Section Leader" Members  interested in "Significant Music®™ | New Horizons Band" Associate Director's Position(s), [when available] are encouraged to complete - Part A - "Section Leader" role to become familar with "Sharing | Significant Music®™ | New Horizons Band"

Curriculum, Policies, Practices & Proceedures


N.B. Acceptance is based on: Music Training | Qualifications,

+ Teaching Experience (Concert Band and/or Orchestra),  & Service.   




Special Units Projects 


• Dada  & Music

  • • Dante & Music

  • • Rag Timcs & Eclectic Related Music


Six º [Degrees]

of Sharing

Significant Music®™

2021  |  2023  |  2025



 Community ARTS Music 





  Details available Upon Request













































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