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  Hello again ! 
Members of "Significant Music®™ | New Horizons Band" extend a warm welcome ...
"with a commitment to helping you  have fun ! "


"It's part of what we do ..."


Here are just 4 examples ...


 Let's help you 

 get set up 

 with a Band 


 of choice 



• Woodwind •

• Brass •

• Percussion •




 Piano Keyboard Accompanists 



Invitation to"Return to Music"

                                                                        Let us hear from you!

Most Welcome to Join Us

as a valued Band member


(Grade 1 RCM Level Recommended)


For more Program Involvement & Additional Information







Need Assistance in Choosing an Instrument?  Let Us Help ...

                                                                                   visit:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/197286496/Choosing-An-Instrument





 Let Us 


 a Private    Music 

 Teacher    Associate 


Need a Private Teacher Recommendation? 

 Let Us Help ...












Music Camp 1



 Let Us 

 keep you up 

 to date with 

offered N.H.B.

 Music Camp 


For current Camp offerings  

Send a note of interest













Let us provide  N.H.B. 

 Members    "Community    Concert  

  Playing    Experiences" 









  Camp ready ?  ...  


  Let us help get you started  

 with our many available opportunities ... 



 Significant Music®™ | New Horizons Band 


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